Struggle over the Nile – Tension and Suspicion in Amharic

Struggle over the Nile – Tension and Suspicion in Amharic by ETV

“By the time Mohamed Ali began to rule Egypt in 1805, many threats had been made by the Ethiopian emperors to stop the water reaching Egypt. Most were just empty threats – but some were valid. Every time there was a new ruler in Egypt, they would threaten him and blackmail him so that he paid gold to the Ethiopian emperor”

Abdul-Moneam Gemaey, Egyptian historian

Egypt will not be able to stop Ethiopia from building dams on the Nile. That is history … and that will not be part of the solution …. Ethiopia is able and willing to use its own resources to build dams on the Nile …. The way forward is to seek a win-win solution through diplomatic efforts … not for Egypt to try and stop the un-stoppable”

Meles Zenawi, Ethiopian prime minister

Source: Al Jazeera

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